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We are a

leading provider of outsourced accounting services.

We’re with you through every step of outsourcing your accounts department, from on location process mapping to training the dedicated staff and all the way through to delivery of the accounts service.

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Befree BPO can be your accounts department!

We offer complete outsourced accounting solutions with local account managers.

Business Process Outsourcing

We offer designated accounts staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone internally. These staff can assist in multiple areas of the business; think of them as an ‘accounts all-rounder’ with knowledge in bookkeeping, accounts payables/receivables and even payroll. And with a fixed annual charge, you’d be surprised at how much you save.

Find out more about the benefits of outsourcing (including how much your staff are actually costing you).

Start to end Management

Our experienced staff will come onsite to map out your accounting process and infrastructure. We will design the process, arrange the experienced staff to handle the work, and manage the complete function. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general accounts management are our bread and butter!

We offer complete solutions for mid-size companies, often halving costs while increasing efficiency. Ask us how!

Flexible Approach

There is no limit to the services we offer regardless of how complex or unique your process is, what systems you use, or what industry you’re in. If the job can be done by an accounts person, it can definitely be done by Befree BPO!

Give us a call to see how we can assist you drastically reduce costs, streamline your processes and leave your in-house resources free for higher end work!

Who We Are

Befree are one of the largest bookkeeping firms in Australia, operating since 2006. We are trusted by over 700 businesses to manage their accounts, and we’re a CPA accounting firm so all of our bookkeepers have access to CPA accountants for help if they get stuck.

We launched our business process outsourcing service to offer larger companies dedicated accounts staff, as well as outsourcing whole business processes to improve efficiency, add reliability and above all, save money!

We pride ourselves on taking a consultative approach. We will visit your office to map your accounting function.  We then refine this and then implement a viable solution that will fit your business.

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What We Do

We offer flexibility to companies looking to remodel their businesses in ways that allow them to take advantage of a global workforce. Our consultants work closely with our clients across a multitude of sectors to streamline and optimise back office processes. In most cases this results in significantly stronger processes for your business whilst reducing costs. We leverage our global workforce to provide you with quality processing staff that matches your business.

Reduce Cost

We help you save money by locking down a fixed price for your accounting function. Studies show an employee on $50,000pa salary actually costs you upwards of $75,000pa after considering entitlements, public holidays, workers compensation, payroll tax, recruitment and training, office space and equipment.

Protect Against Termination

Studies show that the replacement cost of $50,000pa salaried staff member can be upwards of $25,000 after considering recruitment costs, orientation hours required by senior staff, ramp up and training time. At befree you are secured against these costs. Our systems are documented and we have enough backup resources to plug any gaps while new staff get up to speed.

Protect Against Leave

There is nothing worse than your accounts person taking a holiday, since you’re frequently the one trying to keep the office running. When our staff are sick or taking holidays we make sure your critical functions still happen. No more trying to process a pay run at the last minute because of a badly timed sick day!

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Why befree?

We are experienced

With over 8 years’ experience implementing processes and solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes, befree BPO is an ideal partner to help optimise your accounts function helping you lower expenses, improve your bottom line and ultimately drive profitability for your business. Whether you’re a local distributor requiring a single resource to take over the transactional finance arm of your business or a multi-branch service provider looking at outsourcing your entire accounts receivable team, befree has the experience to come up with an effective solution to help increase the flexibility within your business.

We take a unique approach

We understand that your business is unique, and so is our approach! We don’t have a set "product list" to choose from; we develop custom, tailor-made solutions for all of our clients.


  • Understanding your business
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Identify opportunities for outsourcing


  • Outlining a solution
  • Clarifying roles
  • Scheduling delivery
  • Removing obstacles


  • Going live
  • Meet the team
  • Partial or full takeover
  • Integration


  • Rolling process review
  • Process refinement
  • Continual streamlining
  • Regular performance reviews

The first step to any successful integration is understanding your business. One of our consultants will review and map out your existing processes to gain a real understanding of what makes your business tick. We'll offer advice on process improvements and adjustments while identifying the most effective way to outsource each function.

We are a little different to most outsourcing companies in that we commit ourselves from the very start. Our experience shows us that heavy involvement and refinement at the start of the process makes for a smoother implementation and ultimately a successful solution. Our consultants are waiting in the wings to help!

We pride ourselves on superior customer support and client retention. We have strict internal review processes and set regular performance reviews for ourselves. We’re always available to chat about the process and our performance as our client happiness is our biggest priority!

We give you a team

Through our research and experience, we’ve found that one of the weaknesses with outsourcing to a single person is that you’re still held hostage to sick leave, holidays and staff terminations. To offer a stronger service, befree provides you with an account manager who is your main point of contact. This account manager has complete control and oversight of your work, whilst being supported by dedicated staff.

This ensures that if any staff are sick or need leave, your account manager will be able to slot in and help complete your work. Due to the high level of documentation and strong systems implemented by our consultants, along with the assistance of the Account Manager, if a staff member does terminate we are always able to get a new resource trained up and working effectively in minimal time.

Meaningful, high level communication

You speak to your experienced account manager who has a complete understanding of you and your business.

Constant Process Improvements

As our Account Managers are directly involved in the process themselves, they are better placed to recommend process improvements.

We are an Australian company

We are an Australian Company, a CPA accounting firm and registered Tax Agency. We started operating 8 years ago and now have a national presence, servicing the entire country. With all of our consultants based in Australia with years of experience developing solutions, you’ll be in great hands.