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Case Study: Manufacturer

Situation: Our client, a manufacturer trying to grow from $25m to $250m turnover over the next 5 years (yes – they’re trying to 10x their business), approached us for a temporary solution to plug in a gap when their in-house accountant left suddenly – leaving the CFO responsible for managing the workload. It wasn’t an

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Case Study: Master Franchisor

Situation: Our client, one of the largest Franchise networks in Australia, was having issues with the quality and delivery of franchisee reporting. Internally, they were spending too much time interpreting franchisee results. Our client also wanted to generate a new revenue stream and offer new franchisees a cost effective bookkeeping solution. What We Did: We

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Case Study: Insurance Broker

Situation: Our client, a broker with an annual turnover of $12 million, came to us struggling to lock down a permanent resource to assist the Office Manager maintain the accounting function. They had multiple temps in the position following a permanent resource who didn’t work out. The Office Manager was being dragged into processing and

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The TRUE Cost of your Accounts Staff

There are many indirect costs involved with keeping staff in house. As a general rule, take an employee’s base salary and add 50% to find the true cost of employment. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, not when you consider: Superannuation Annual Leave and Sick Leave Public Holidays Workers Compensation Payroll Tax Recruitment Fees Training Office Space

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Why outsource?

We all know you can save money by outsourcing – but money isn’t the only thing that matters. By outsourcing autonomous tasks such as bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable, you will gain the flexibility to focus on the core competencies that made your business successful in the first place. Sound business processes are a

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Cost Efficiency vs Cost Savings

There are two big cost related drivers when considering outsourcing – improving cost efficiency and making cost savings. They might sound similar, but they’re two different things. Cost efficiency refers to utilising resources to optimal levels and achieving more with existing resources (or slightly less). It’s about making each dollar that little bit harder. Cost

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