Why outsource?

We all know you can save money by outsourcing – but money isn’t the only thing that matters.

By outsourcing autonomous tasks such as bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable, you will gain the flexibility to focus on the core competencies that made your business successful in the first place.

Sound business processes are a necessity for any successful organisation, but they don’t drive sales and growth, they only secure them. The business life cycle denotes that periods of entrepreneurial growth are followed by periods of stabilising and bringing in efficiencies. This is playing catch-up by developing the internal processes to cope with the growth you just achieved.

By outsourcing this process to a scalable provider, you can focus on what makes you great! Partnering with an experienced provider (like befree BPO) gives your business access to the experience gained by the years we’ve spent outsourcing processes and accounting functions from businesses like yours.

After all, most businesses experiencing rapid growth end up struggling just to stay on top of their increased sales. ‘Process improvement? We’re making money and increasing sales! There’s no time for that!’ So they end up throwing in more staff until the work gets done. With an inefficient process, all you’re doing by hiring more staff is spending a whole lot more money for no real gain – it’s a band-aid solution.

Getting involved with someone experienced with businesses like yours can add valuable input on how you can improve your own processes, bringing down your costs and positively influencing your bottom line.